Healthcare Management: Using the Return on Risk Model

| 3/3/2020

When it comes to managing risk and opportunities, financial institutions and for-profit organizations have long balanced risks and returns. With their focus on the risk tipping point and monitoring of how those risks are “performing,” successful organizations are able to not only manage risk but see returns in productivity, operations, and revenue. While healthcare providers are experts in assessing patient risk, often those same skills are not applied in other areas of the business. Now is the time to leverage those skills and lessons learned from other industries to get the biggest returns on operational, financial, IT, and compliance risk management.

By participating in this webinar, you should be able to:

  1. Recognize the benefits of turning your risk management efforts into a strategic tool that identifies opportunities linked to your organization’s goals
  2. Describe how the attachment point and performance models can be used to assess, track, and quantify returns on your risk management efforts
  3. Define key areas of your operations that can be quantified and measured using the return on risk model for healthcare

Risk is a part of the healthcare industry every day: assessing it, managing it, overcoming it. Is your team focusing time and resources on the risks that can have the biggest impact and, ultimately, a return on your investment? Join us to find out.

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