Healthcare in focus

How trends in policy, technology, and the healthcare market will reshape the industry over the next 5 years

Andrew Sudimack

The past year has seen massive shifts in healthcare, political agendas, and technology's role in driving patient care and interactions. While much of 2020 required healthcare organizations to be reactive, industry leaders are refocusing their attention on the 3-to-5-year horizon and where they need to be investing time and resources. In this session, we’ll take a practical, data-driven approach to the trends emerging in technology, policy, and regulatory changes, and what is next for the healthcare marketplace.

After attending this session, you should be able to:

  • Describe the top trends in the areas of technology, policy, and the healthcare market
  • Assess your organization’s preparedness in adapting to the changing healthcare landscape, such as pricing transparency or value-based care planning
  • Outline the role of outside influences on healthcare organizations, like key consumer trends and private equity’s part in outpatient services

With the rollercoaster that was 2020 behind us, healthcare leaders are bringing into focus the trends that will define their strategic direction for the years ahead. Join us to hear what they are saying about what’s next, and find out how your efforts align with industry trends.

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