Going Beyond Compliance: Internal Audit's Role in Data Privacy


The introduction of GDPR and CCPA, as well as host of other state-specific regulations being worked on, have shown a spotlight on organizational risk related to consumer data, privacy, and information security. While the first step to meeting these requirements is establishing a sound and ethical framework under which the organization will operate, you cannot stop there. You need to put both your policies and technical processes across the globe to the test. Auditing your privacy and data protection efforts can aid in protecting the organization from poorly designed processes and help identify gaps that could undermine the program. 

By attending this webinar, you should be able to: 

  • Describe the current privacy and data protection landscape, as well as what is expected next from other states and governing bodies 
  • Understand how Internal Audit can be advocate and business advisor for the global privacy program 
  • Build an internal audit scope and identify key risk from a policy, process and technology perspective 
  • Benchmark your processes against leading practices and frameworks 
  • Assess gaps in your program and skillsets that require remediation 

The attention on consumer privacy, rights, and data protection will only increase in the year ahead. Are your processes and systems ready for what is next? Hear about the key roles Internal Audit can and will play in the advancement of privacy.