For-Profit Healthcare Organizations and the Changing Tax Landscape

Webinar Presentation

The rules of the game are changing. What’s in your playbook? Is your for-profit healthcare organization prepared for possible tax changes

A new administration in Washington could signal a drop in tax rates, but uncertainty about the plan and its timing has created chaos for many tax planners. What should you be doing now to prepare?

It’s a nightmare scenario for any tax professional. Management calls on you to make the right play after a substantial change in the game, and you are unprepared. Worse, it could take you months to get up to speed. Since uncertainty also brings opportunity, you can add value to your organization by showing it how to take advantage of tax-saving strategies before the changes come. It’s important to start planning your block and tackle accounting moves now.

As a result of viewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to:

  • Identify the strategies you should consider in advance of the financial statement revenue recognition changes, specifically what these changes mean for your tax return.
  • Propose tax-saving strategies to your management team such as accelerating deductions and deferring income recognition.
  • Identify tax accounting method changes to consider in a falling rate environment, including tangible property regulations, nonaccrual experience method for bad debts, and deferred revenue options