Webinar The evolution of data monitoring in healthcare IT and cybersecurity

John Norenberg, Candice Moschell, Julia Breaux
| 1/25/2022

Healthcare leaders have always been at the forefront of new technologies and processes that improve patient care and enhance operations. This trend, along with the growing amount of data available from systems and integrated devices, is shaping the future of information management, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence (AI). ­ ­

During this webinar recording, we examine how integrated processes built on principles such as pattern analysis and exception reporting are allowing for better risk management, enhanced IT performance, smarter exception reporting, and even automated routine problem resolution. When repeatable processes combine with machine learning, automated healthcare systems can self-manage many issues, freeing up vital staffing resources to manage the more complex critical thinking processes needed to protect the organization and patient care. ­ ­

The increased data available to healthcare leaders and IT professionals has opened an entirely new way of applying the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle that will revolutionize how information is managed and protected and how problems are resolved. View this recording to see how these principles are being used today and how they might reshape the future of work.