Cannabis banking

The ins, the outs, and the unknowns

Tamara L. Kolb, CAMS; Amy C. Bean, CAMS; and Caitlin D. Strelioff, CAMS

Banking cannabis-related businesses can be challenging. Banks and nonbank financial institutions should understand and consider their risk appetite, and document, articulate, and implement necessary precautions and other controls.

This article was originally published in Cannabis Industry Journal.

Crowe disclaimer: Qualified organizations only. Independence and regulatory restrictions may apply. Some firm services may not be available to all clients. Given the continued evolution and inconsistency of various state and federal cannabis-related laws, any company should seek competent legal advice relating to its involvement in the cannabis industry, including when considering a potential public offering as a cannabis-related company.

Cannabis banking: The ins, the outs, and the unknowns
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