Back to Work: The Future of PCI Webinar Presentation Deck

Angie Hipsher-Williams

Presented by principal Angie Hipsher-Williams, Jonathan Sharpe, Sean McAloon and Cody Montgomery. 

Working from home, back in person, hybrid working – the pandemic disrupted working models across the board, and right now there doesn’t seem to be a “normal.” Different working models raise different issues – especially in the payment card industry (PCI). Between implementing on-the-fly work-from-home protocols and managing how to migrate back to the office, every organization has its own PCI scope, compliance, and issues to consider. 

How do you know the right choices for your organization? In this webinar, our PCI team covered how work-from-home policies affected the industry, what to consider as you head back to the office, and what the future might hold.  

By reviewing this on-demand webinar, you should be able to: 

  • Identify areas where the pandemic could cause issues for your PCI compliance
  • Distinguish scope-reduction opportunities within your organization’s PCI cardholder data environment (CDE)
  • Explain different virtualization technologies and how they relate to PCI scope
  • Recognize how telephony can affect PCI scope

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Back to Work: The Future of PCI Webinar Presentation Deck