How automation is transforming accounts receivable management

Chad Peters, Chad Oakley, Alex Boone

Knowing where and when to automate processes is the challenge facing many healthcare leaders today. With time and money on the line, it is crucial to know where you can succeed in process efficiency and a true return on investment. In this event, we’ll examine the processes that leading providers use to target the debit and credit side of the business for automation: what steps are involved, and what outcomes they are achieving. We’ll go beyond theory to practical implementation and real case study reviews that demonstrate results.

After attending this session, you should be able to:

  • Describe the steps on the journey to automation and how to best select areas of focus
  • Outline the causes of credit balances and what a new integrated and automated workflow looks like
  • Assess the risk of not managing uncollected accounts receivable and what steps you can take on the automation journey

The reality is that automation and machine learning are no longer a discussion of “one day we will.” Practical and real-world applications of these tools are available now, and leading healthcare organizations are reaping their benefits. Join us to determine how you can evolve your current process and what steps you need to plan to achieve efficiencies in these areas tomorrow.