10 revealing insights from the 2021 Crowe Healthcare Summit 

10 revealing insights from the 2021 Crowe Healthcare Summit

The 2021 Crowe Healthcare Summit, held Sept. 19-23 in Denver, featured 15 different breakout sessions on a variety of healthcare finance and revenue cycle topics. Each breakout session provided virtual and on-site attendees with invaluable educational content and materials to take back to their own hospitals, health systems, and medical practices to help improve the performance of their respective finance and revenue cycle teams.

To give you a taste of what was available to attendees, we’ve selected 10 of the most revealing presentations from the breakout sessions. You likely can’t find these insights anywhere other than at Summit.

If you didn’t attend this year’s Summit and want to access session recordings and presentation slides, please email us at [email protected].

Bar chart displaying dollar size (in billions) of hospital uncompensated-care pool with $7.2 billion for 2022

1. From “Worksheet S-10 Best Practices”

Question: How much money will be available in the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) uncompensated care pool for hospitals to share in 2022?

2. From “2021 Area Wage Index Update and Strategies”

Question: How much is the occupational mix adjusted average hourly wage for 2022?

Matrix displaying occupational mix-adjusted average hourly wage by year with $46.47 projected for 2022
List of four roles technology and automation play in daily cash management

3. From “Top Pain Points in Cash Reconciliation”

Question: What roles can technology and automation play in daily cash management?

4. From “Maximizing the Benefit From Crowe RCA for Physicians”

Question: What foundational data elements support Crowe RCA for physicians?

Illustration of standard daily files and key data fields that make up Crowe RCA for physicians
Illustration and chart of four front-end revenue cycle functions and their impact on key finance metrics

5. From “Developing a Strategic Partnership Between Revenue Cycle and Finance”

Question: What four front-end revenue cycle functions have the most impact on financial performance?

6. From “Hot Topics in Regulatory Reimbursement” 

Question: When do hospitals have to start reporting employee COVID-19 vaccination rates to CMS?

Bulleted list of new inpatient quality reporting requirements for hospitals on employee COVID-19 vaccination rates
Numbered and bulleted list of techniques to avoid C-suite confusion over revenue cycle performance reporting

7. From “Net Revenue Analytics for Executives”

Question: What are four proven techniques to clearly articulate financial performance to the C-suite?

8. From “Uncompensated Care Reporting and the Importance of Single-Source Data” 

Question: What are five benefits to using a single data source for uncompensated care reporting?

Illustration of five operational benefits from using a single data source for uncompensated-care reporting
Bulleted list and photo of the three foundational pillars of optimized revenue cycle performance monitoring

9. From “Techniques in Net Revenue Performance Measurement and Revenue Cycle Monitoring” 

Question: What are the three pillars to optimizing revenue cycle performance monitoring?

10. From “COVID Net Revenue Impact: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?”

Question: How can hospitals prepare for another pandemic-induced shutdown of elective and other services?

Bulleted list of eight actions hospitals should be taking to prepare financially for another COVID-19 year

You can get these types of interesting insights into healthcare finance or revenue cycle topics at the Crowe Healthcare Summit. The 12th annual Summit will be held Sept. 19-22, 2022, in Denver with virtual options available. We hope to see you there.


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