Balance the demands of business with your mission 

Not-for-profit (NFP) organizations must comply with financial and regulatory requirements, but managing the process cannot take a backseat to the importance of your mission. Crowe brings tax knowledge, NFP specialization, and innovation to help your team balance both.

We serve more than 700 NFP and public sector clients across the United States, including:

  • Trade and membership groups 
  • Private foundations 
  • National membership organizations 
  • Religious groups 
  • Cultural arts institutions 
  • Human and social services organizations 
  • Community development groups 
  • International nongovernmental organizations 

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Manage tax compliance at every step

Crowe tax-exempt specialists understand the unique tax challenges
your organization faces and have developed the C-TRAC solution to help you
manage tax form preparation, information gathering and reporting, and project

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Our industry-focused engagement professionals understand the nuances and needs of NFP organizations and are on the committees of leading national standard-setting bodies and regulators. Contact Crowe today to work with audit, tax, and risk NFP specialists.
Pete Ugo
Partner, Higher Education/Not-For-Profit Services Leader