Manufacturing and distribution accounting

Manufacturing accounting

Look for manufacturing accounting expertise in your audit and financial advisory services provider

Whether you’re enhancing a product line, expanding into new markets, or acquiring new companies, Crowe can help you bring thorough, reliable financial information to financiers and key stakeholders.
Reputable audit services enhanced by years of M&D experience

Reputable audit services enhanced by years of manufacturing experience 

Credible financial reporting is critical for organizations looking to secure low-cost capital. At Crowe, our auditors understand this responsibility and provide objective, meaningful assessments so you can be confident you are presenting your information clearly and meticulously.

Crowe Analysis Platform for audit value

Use the data uncovered during your audit process as valuable insight to help optimize inventory, gain a clearer picture of financial operations, and create a strategic vision for your company.
Specialized accounting services for M&D

Specialized accounting services for manufacturing

If you're looking for financial advisory services, we bring manufacturing operations knowledge that can help you improve operating processes and reduce labor and inventory costs. Crowe can help you:

  • Spot emerging trends in manufacturing
  • Compare financial performance benchmarks
  • Reduce safety stock and inventory costs while increasing customer service
  • Reduce labor expenses such as overtime
  • Improve procurement and operating processes
  • Identify opportunities for expansion or changes in the organization or footprint

We provide critical manufacturing-specific accounting services in the areas of:

  • Cost accounting
  • Financial benchmarking
  • Valuations
  • Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP) administration and accounting
  • Litigation support

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Scott L. Spencer
Scott L. Spencer
Managing Partner, Manufacturing