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Rent abatement negotiations

Our team has significant experience dealing with unaffordable leases following the 2008 financial crisis and we have completed numerous negotiations on behalf of landlords and tenants.

We are well placed to guide you through the process of putting a new arrangement in place that ensures continuity of rent and protects the value of your existing lease. 

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice to either tenants or landlords in dealing with rent abatement process
  • Prepare submission to include projected financials for tenant entity seeking reduced rents
  • Assist in making case for new arrangements based on rent affordability level
  • Review for landlord the financial plan presented by tenants
  • Drafting of new arrangements to exist during abatement period
  • Implementation of new structures and dealing with rent and other tenant legacy creditor balances

With our expertise we can help negotiate a new arrangement that can be quickly implemented and makes the best of the situation for both parties.

COVID-19: Rent abatement negotiations

COVID-19 is impacting the ability of businesses to operate in their leased spaces, especially in the retail and restaurant sectors. Landlords and tenants will be keen to get through this crisis while protecting their investments and businesses.

In this factsheet we give some insight and advice to tenants and landlords on how best to restructure existing leases in this unprecedented trading environment.

Download factsheet

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