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Transaction support services

Crowe provides a focused and flexible approach to due diligence based on the specific transaction needs of strategic buyers, private equity firms, and lenders.
We provide sell-side, buy-side and financing due diligence. We can help you analyse risks and opportunities in financials, operations, people and culture so you can make an informed decision regarding the proposed transaction. We can also investigate assets, capabilities, processes, and technologies.
Our due diligence process is tailored to your specific needs and generally includes the following elements.
  • Analysis of the quality of sustainable earnings and cashflow
  • Analysis of the quality of assets and liabilities
  • Analysis of working capital trends and requirements
  • Identification of internal control weaknesses
  • Assistance with related share or asset purchase agreements
Naoise Cosgrove, Managing partner - Crowe Ireland
Naoise Cosgrove    
Managing Partner
Corporate Finance
Partner, Corporate Recovery - Crowe Ireland
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Corporate Recovery