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Merger & Acquisition integration

Crowe will help you achieve value through an effective Merger and Acquisition Integration.  Many merger and acquisition (M&A) deals fail to achieve the results that were originally envisioned due to poorly executed integrations.
Crowe has developed a comprehensive program to support companies through M&A challenges and improve the likelihood of success. Our M&A integration professionals can assist strategic buyers and private equity groups to realise M&A value or M&A return on investment (ROI) in the first 100 days of the acquisition by helping to:
  • Set integration strategy
  • Identify financial and operational synergies
  • Manage communication and change
  • Develop detailed plans to address administrative and synergy targets
  • Execute the plan in the first 100 days after close
The post-merger integration of processes and functional areas such as personnel, operations, and technology systems can also be complex.  Our knowledgeable integration team can diligently and skillful guide you through these challenges to achieve a successful outcome.
Naoise Cosgrove, Managing partner - Crowe Ireland
Naoise Cosgrove    
Managing Partner
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