Crowe Ireland supporting NCBI and children with sight loss

Crowe staff supporting NCBI and those affected by sight loss

Crowe CSR Programme

Crowe Ireland supporting NCBI and children with sight loss
Crowe staff recording a series of stories for children
Crowe staff participated in a special CSR initiative to help support NCBI (National Council for the Blind of Ireland) and those affected by sight loss by volunteering to record a series of Irish short stories for children.
Click on the case study below to listen to samples of Crowe employee recordings!
NCBI is is a not-for-profit charity which offers support and services to people of all ages who are experiencing difficulties with their eyesight.
As well as helping to increase awareness about sight loss issues on a national and local level, NCBI also helps people to access information and communicate through technology, provides training and resource centres for people to learn new skills, assists people with employment issues and provides a library stocked with large-print, audio and Braille books.
As part of Crowe’s 2018 CSR community programme, our staff wanted to support children affected by sight loss. In conjunction with NCBI, we developed a programme of volunteering where staff recorded a series of children’s short stories.
Two short story books for children were chosen: Enchanted Journeys: Fifty Years of Irish Writing for Children and Oscar Wilde’s Stories for Children.
In total, 30 staff volunteered 100 hours to record their stories at NCBI’s recording studio in Finglas, Co. Dublin, with over 10 hours of audio recorded. Overall the experience has been a really positive one and we hope that our small efforts will help make a difference to children living with sight loss.

Below is an interactive case study which outlines project and has samples of the recordings made by Crowe employees. Click to listen:

Crowe Ireland NCBI CSR case study

Huge thanks to Karl Browne and his team at NCBI for their patience in guiding our staff through the process! Visit the NCBI website to find out how you can lend your support and help them provide their services to people experiencing sight loss.