Crowe Ireland chooses Depaul as 2018 charity partner

Crowe chooses Depaul as 2018 charity partner

Crowe Ireland chooses Depaul as 2018 charity partner
Crowe staff fundraising for Depaul

Crowe is delighted to announce that Depaul Ireland will be their charity partner for 2018. Staff chose to work specifically with the local Depaul hostel at Little Britain Street this year after supporting the hostel through the seasonal “Presents for All” initiative in 2016 and 2017.

Speaking at the launch of the partnership, Crowe’s staff Community Impact Committee chairperson Nigel Kavanagh said that the staff’s decision to support Depaul was down to the importance of their work “The services that Depaul provide are essential in helping those who need it most, and take care of some of the most vulnerable people in our community. We are proud of being able to help Depaul this year.”

Depaul’s Cliodhna Carthy outlined the magnitude of the homelessness issue at a national and local level, “Homelessness continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing Irish society today. For the first time ever recorded, there are almost 10,000 people in Ireland currently experiencing homelessness. An issue of this magnitude requires a collective response and Depaul is delighted to be partnering with Crowe during this critical time. Through this partnership, Crowe will make a real difference in the community by supporting our services at a local level in the Dublin 7 area.”

Crowe staff have a number of different volunteering and fundraising initiatives planned over the coming months to provide the much needed support the Little Britain Street hostel needs, along with a range of other CSR activities.

One of the volunteering projects will involve Crowe staff volunteering their personal time over the summer months to design and paint a range of murals and special artworks throughout the Little Britain Street hostel. These artworks will be co-developed with the services users of the hostel to draw from their personal memories and experiences.

Speaking about this special volunteering project Cliodhna says, “The artwork and murals planned for our Little Britain Street service will bring a much needed splash of colour to the service and brighten up the living space for all who use it. We are especially excited about the quotes that our service users at Little Britain Street have chosen to be painted on the walls. This will create a real connection for our service users.”

A number of fundraising initiatives have also been planned. Crowe staff recently raised sponsorship money by taking part in the 2018 Woman’s Mini Marathon in June. There will also be teams fundraising by participating in the Great Dublin Bike Ride and the Depaul annual Raft Race against Homelessness, taking place this September in Dublin’s Grand Canal Dock.

Cliodhna finished by saying, “We hope that Crowe will enjoy supporting Depaul and learning more about homeless service provision in Ireland during the partnership. Here’s to a great and fruitful partnership!”

Crowe Ireland fundraising for Depaul