Crowe Ireland Dog event

Crowe celebrates Dog Friendly Ireland Day

Honouring our loyal canine colleagues

Crowe Ireland Dog event
Crowe staff and their four-legged friends

Crowe staff hosted a special virtual catch-up to take part in the fourth annual ‘Dog-Friendly Ireland Day’, organised by Ireland’s largest dog welfare charity, Dogs Trust. Our special online event was an opportunity for staff to come together to show off their beloved four-legged friends (the event was not exclusive to dogs though as some other furry friends joined in!).

Crowe Ireland virtual dog eventFor the past 15 months, many of us have been working from home and at our feet, through it all, has been our faithful four-legged friends. They are our constant companions and have sat in on every meeting, virtually met our co-workers and give us a reason to get out for a walk at lunch time.

Speaking at the launch of the initiative, head of communications at Dogs Trust Ireland, Ciara Byrne said: “Today is a celebration of all things dog and recognising how they have helped so many of us cope with life during lockdown.”

Dogs Trust is a charity that relies on the generous support of dog lovers. Please consider donating to help Dogs Trust to help fund their life-saving work