Rethinking luxury in hospitality


The luxury market and its customer base is growing, with the outlook for the next few years looking positive.

But revolution in luxury hospitality is happening. Whether a global brand, a niche player or an individual luxury property, no one will be able to avoid rethinking, planning and fundamentally changing how they delivery luxury to their customers.

The improvements in the domestic economy in addition to the growth in international tourism to Ireland has enabled the luxury hotel sector to grow RevPAR. Average room rates are significantly higher than five or six years ago and this has given hotels the opportunity to reinvest in their assets as well as attracting outside investors into their high-end segment of the market.

However, while the physical product is important in creating opulence and extravagance, there are other elements that should be addressed. Impeccable service has always been one of the cornerstones of a truly luxury product. As guests continue to travel more and experience other concepts, luxury hoteliers need to look at their service offerings, to update and tailor them to individual guests needs to truly set themselves above other hotels.

In this report, Horwath HTL and Soul Luxury have joined forces, pooling their experience and expertise, to provide insights into the triggers of change in luxury. How the shifting consumer mind-set is forcing a rethink of ‘Luxury in Hospitality’ and how to deliver the new luxury using our Horwath HTL 360-degree New Luxury Framework.

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Rethinking luxury in hospitality report - Crowe Ireland
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