Preparing for your first interview

Preparing for your first interview

Be the unicorn

Preparing for your first interview

Congratulations! You've graduated from university and are now on the hunt for your first job and have been invited to attend an interview. Preparation is key – while you may have heard the same old advice from everyone, such as dress professionally, research the company, and rehearse your answers, we’re here to tell you how to stand out from the crowd.

We've highlighted key tips that will help you be unique in your next interview.

Show your personality

Nerves can get the most of you but that's okay – it is your time to shine and showcase your personality. Show the interviewer who you are as a person and share stories that demonstrate your values, interests and character. These elements will help your interviewer build a picture of how you will integrate into the organisation and it supports your application.

Show your interest in the graduate programme

You have applied for the programme and they have invited you to attend at interview. Places will be limited so what are they looking for from you to give you a place in the programme?

Tell them why you applied, why you want to work for them, when your interest developed in this direction, and how you know you will be committed to the programme.

Your interviewer can read your qualifications and skills on your application, which is why it's important to talk about your achievements and explain the impact you made on a project, volunteer work, internships or participation in various activities at university.

You're not only showing you are more than capable of performing the job, but you're displaying results-driven personality traits and indicating how you can contribute to their organisation.

Interview the interviewer

You're not the only person being interviewed in the room. Take the opportunity and ask thoughtful questions that relate to the job and highlight your interest in their company. Querying their company culture, growth and development opportunities and who you'll work alongside indicate your interest and shows you care about the role.

To conclude, being prepared for your first interview will require more than just the basics if you wish to stand out in the competitive job market. You need to be unique and showcase your personality, achievements and talent. Demonstrate to the interviewer that you are the best person for the job.

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