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Grayson Buckley partner Crowe Ireland
Tax partner Grayson Buckley
Grayson is a tax partner. He leads our VAT practice and is a Qualified Financial Advisor providing taxation planning and financial advice to his many clients.

Grayson grew up with his brother and two sisters in Artane in North Dublin. His father hailed from Limerick and was a taxi-driver before his retirement about ten years ago. His mother is from Dublin and focused her energies on being a home-maker. “Both my parents were strong supporters of education and instilled in us of a love for reading and striving to accomplish our dreams.”

Grayson remembers spending many summers growing up in and around Limerick and in the sunny South-East. His father, who played hurling for his local club, imparted in Grayson a love of sports. “I enjoy watching all sports – whether GAA, soccer, or rugby – and I often travel around Ireland to games and especially to see the Dubs win!”

He attended St Joseph’s (Joey’s) Fairview secondary school and, up to the age of 16, was a member of the Artane Band, initially playing the clarinet and subsequently the saxophone. “I had the privilege of being part of a team which played to audiences all over the world from Croke Park to the national and international concert auditoriums.”

When deciding what to study in college, he felt the two best options for him were either accountancy or music. Knowing the uncertainty of the music business, he chose to study for a degree in Accountancy and Human Resource Management, realising at that stage that too many accountants had a fixation on just the figures and that people are a vital part of any business.

After college, he trained as a chartered accountant in a small firm and then joined FGS Accountants to specialise in tax. After five years in FGS, Grayson decided to advance his career by joining Crowe as a manager. He was quickly promoted to director, before being appointed partner in 2016. 

Known for his early starts, most mornings pre-COVID, Grayson would be found hard at work from 6am at Pat & Karl Henry’s Gym on Pembroke Street, Dublin 2. “I have always been an early riser. After a quick workout and an update on what’s happening in Dublin life from the regulars, I am at my desk for 7.30am, ready to take on the world!”

When asked what he loves about his job, Grayson replies, “I have always loved the achievement of finding solutions for my clients’ business and tax challenges. I have had the opportunity to work with some of the leading entrepreneurs in a wide variety of industries over the last number of years. Working with so many diverse businesses and their owners, no two days are ever the same! A key attribute of Crowe is the encouragement to build long-term relationships with our clients, which I really enjoy. It enables us to provide tailored advice to our clients.”

Grayson’s clients are varied and range from multinationals to individuals. But his main client group is owner-managed businesses.

On the subject of working remotely, Grayson says, “Initially, I thought it would be challenging to win new business in the ‘virtual world’, but with every challenge there is an opportunity and we have been asked to advise many new clients over the last number of months."

“Definitely, a lot of our team has seen the lack of commute to be a significant plus. Although I miss my morning routine and face-to-face team meetings and social nights, video conferencing has been a second-best and ensures that we work collaboratively to solve our clients’ tax challenges, then catch-up with team members to solve all the world’s problems!”

In his spare time, Grayson is lucky to have several close friends from childhood, who he enjoys catching up with over a meal in a restaurant. “I have an interest in current affairs and enjoy reading. As a former musician I love music and enjoy going to concerts of all types. There is absolutely nothing to compare to a live performance!"

“I also love travelling and with my brother living in San Diego, I have an excuse to visit the US and drop in on him and his family. There is so much to see in the US. It is no wonder most US citizens do not own a passport! One of my best trips was driving from San Francisco to San Diego on Highway 1 and stopping in many towns on the way.”

Grayson usually travels abroad for Christmas. “This time last year, my family and I were getting ready to travel to the Canaries for Christmas – who would have thought that 2020 would be such an unprecedented year. I am looking forward to further travels (hopefully) in 2021.”

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Grayson Buckley
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