Michael Holland speaking at a Crowe Leadership event

Michael Holland on buying and selling SME businesses

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Michael Holland speaking at a Crowe Leadership event
Michael Holland speaking at Crowe leadership event
Ireland is at a two-year high in terms of business confidence according to data from the Chartered Accountants of Ireland. Our economy is the fastest growing in the EU with GDP growing at three times the EU average. As a result, this is an opportune time to buy and sell businesses.

Crowe welcomed Michael Holland, CEO of the Ampleforth Group. A leading Dublin businessman with interests in a wide range of sectors including hotels and leisure, food and retail and property, Michael owns The Fitzwilliam Hotel Group with hotels in Dublin and Belfast and the Four Star pizza chain of 57 outlets. In 2017 he sold Irish Welcome Tours, one of the country’s leading inbound tourism operators.

Michael shared his personal insights built up over a long and successful career which has seen him buy and sell a number of different Irish and international SME businesses. In a candid session, Michael outlined the steps he takes in acquiring or disposing of a business, summing up his advice with a list of dos and don’ts and common pitfalls to avoid.

Michael was also joined by Aiden Murphy, a partner with Crowe’s corporate finance department. Aiden opened the session by providing a brief overview and context around the opportunities for Irish business owners in buying and selling businesses.

Michael Holland on buying and selling SME businesses

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Michael Holland on buying & selling businesses - Crowe Ireland
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