Crowe Ireland sponsoring UCD Rugby

Developing extraordinary talent

Fostering talent. Forging relationships.

Crowe was proud to be club sponsor of UCD RFC from 2013-2022. The sponsorship was part of our ongoing commitment to harness the best young talent in the country both on and off the field through our graduate and sponsorship initiatives.

'IT'S YOUR TEAM' was a special joint initiative between Crowe and UCD Rugby that celebrated the rich heritage of the club, where past and present players shared insights into how being part of the club has impacted their careers on and off the field and the lasting relationships they built.

In this special series we explored the shared ethos between Crowe and UCD RFC of:
Fostering talent.
Forging relationships. 

Through our 10-year commitment as club sponsor, Crowe was proud to have been able to support the club in what it does best – developing young talent and ensuring its players reach their full potential, both personally and professionally.

Just as UCD Rugby is known for cultivating talent, Crowe also prides itself on supporting the development of the best talent across our practice, whether it be at graduate level or among our more experienced staff.

In this initiative we hope you enjoy the celebration of extraordinary talent with some of Ireland’s best known elite rugby players sharing their insights and experiences in an engaging and enjoyable series of interviews. 

Crowe would like to take this opportunity to thank UCD RFC and all the participants who volunteered their time to help bring this unique campaign to life.

Interview series:

Celebrating our 10 years as Club Sponsor of UCD RFC

In line with Crowe’s commitment to the development of young talent on and off the field, we were proud to have sponsored UCD Rugby for 10 years.