Driele Brito Q&A - International Women's Day 2024

Journey of resilience and growth

Rio to Dublin: Driele opens up about overcoming challenges, pursuing dreams and finding a supportive community at Crowe

Driele Brito Q&A - International Women's Day 2024

This month, we are celebrating the extraordinary women who contribute to the heartbeat of Crowe Ireland, highlighting their phenomenal achievements and recognising their contribution to their community.

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Driele, and I'm 28 years old, originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I hold a degree in Accounting and an MBA in Auditing and Finance. Personally, I consider myself easygoing, humorous and communicative.

Why did Ireland appeal to you? 

Ireland appealed to me for its vibrant culture, welcoming atmosphere, and opportunities for personal and professional growth. The country's reputation for innovation, education and quality of life made it an ideal destination to pursue my aspirations.

Tell us about any obstacles or challenges you have faced when moving to a new country and how you have overcome them.

Moving from Brazil to Ireland presented several challenges, both practical and emotional. One significant obstacle was leaving behind friends and family. Being away from loved ones can be difficult, but they understood it was for the greater good. They were also really happy with this opportunity of mine. I was the first one in the family to move abroad, and this opportunity opens new horizons for everyone. My little brother now dreams of studying abroad, and it motivates him to study even harder. Crowe is also to be thanked for that.

Additionally, adjusting to a new culture and work environment posed its own set of challenges. However, Crowe's support throughout the process was invaluable.

Despite being in Brazil during the application and interview stages, Crowe demonstrated their commitment to diversity by offering me a position. This inclusive approach eased concerns about my location and highlighted the company's openness to candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Managing the logistics of an international move can be daunting, but Crowe provided comprehensive assistance. From visa guidance to practical advice on settling in, their support made the transition smoother.

Additionally, Crowe's monthly social events played a significant role in helping me integrate into the local community. These gatherings provided opportunities to network with colleagues outside of work, fostering a sense of belonging.

Working full-time and studying is a significant challenge. In what ways has Crowe supported you to study and work in Ireland?

Crowe has been incredibly supportive throughout my journey, starting from the interview process. The company embraces diversity, which made my transition smoother. Their support extends to my academic pursuits, providing resources like exam preparation classes and study leave, which has boosted my confidence and comfort in the study process.

As a woman, what would you tell your younger self?

To my younger self, I would say: trust the process. Understand that timing is crucial, and not achieving something immediately doesn't diminish your potential. Keep persevering, and success will follow in due time.

Who is a woman who inspires you?

My biggest inspiration is my mother. Despite facing the challenges of working in hospitals and witnessing the darker aspects of humanity, she maintains unwavering faith in people. Her resilience, compassion and selflessness are qualities I deeply admire and strive to emulate.

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