Audit senior manager Darragh Walsh - Crowe Ireland

Audit senior manager Darragh Walsh

An interview with Darragh Walsh

This is the last video interview of our series celebrating our employees and the careers they are building with Crowe, by talking to staff about what it is like to work with our firm.

In this video Darragh talks about how he gets to work directly with business owners on building their business and how his six years working in industry gives him the opportunity to build up his knowledge base that he can then transfer to multiple clients and industries in Crowe.

Darragh talks about the unique culture in Crowe – a culture focused on developing people. He describes how the CSR programme gives the employees the opportunity to reflect the firm’s values within the communities in which they work and how the social side of work is very important to him.

Darragh outlines that the type of people that Crowe likes to attract are typically from a broad range of skill sets or academic backgrounds. In the past he would have worked with people from aeronautical degrees, sports science degrees, engineering degrees or traditional accounting degrees.

So if you felt a career in accounting, tax, consulting or corporate finance might not have been open to you, think again and find out more about how you can build a great career with Crowe. Visit our careers page, to see our list of current vacancies.

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