Michael O'Scathaill provides insight into Crowe's graduate trainee programme

Gaining an edge in your professional career

Michael O'Scathaill, a Director in our Tax department, dives into the advantages of Crowe Ireland's graduate programme and tells us how participants will gain and experience invaluable learning, exponential growth, and professional development throughout the programme.

How does Crowe ensure that graduates are supported and prepared for their roles during the graduate programme and beyond?

At Crowe, our graduates receive a mix of specialised and on-the-job training that allows them to develop the requisite skills for a successful career in their chosen field. At the outset, they attend a detailed induction programme, delivered by a combination of senior Crowe staff and external training specialists, covering accounting/tax technical issues, communications and practical job/life skills. They receive regular ongoing formal training as well as undertaking the professional exams of one of the accountancy bodies and/or the Irish Taxation Institute. They also gain direct client exposure from the beginning of their training contracts which allows them to develop their practical skills, complimenting their academic training, throughout the duration of their training contract and beyond.

What kind of growth and development opportunities are available to graduates, both during the programme and as they move into permanent roles within Crowe ?

Crowe offers graduates the opportunity to obtain a professional qualification in the field of tax or accountancy and works with them to help them achieve that. Graduates are also given significant exposure to clients and client work from an early stage and have the opportunity to build relationships with clients and develop their skills in that area. As they obtain their qualifications and gain further experience, opportunities for promotion arise and the firm has numerous people at a senior level who have progressed through the ranks since joining the graduate programme.

How does Crowe help graduates balance their work and personal lives, and encourage a healthy work-life balance?

Crowe’s working arrangements encourage graduates to have a healthy work-life balance while also maximising their career development. Hybrid working arrangements allow the staff to work remotely for a number of days each week, thereby reducing commuting time and freeing up time for other activities, while also experiencing office life and picking up invaluable life skills. Flexible start and finish times as well as early Friday finishing times during the summer months and on some bank holiday Fridays also help. The firm also has a very active social committee that gives graduates the opportunity to socialise and build relationships with fellow staff.

How does Crowe approach diversity and inclusion when it comes to supporting and developing graduates?

The firm’s staff come from a diverse range of backgrounds which allows for a varied input to the individual teams and enhances performance. The firm also runs a number of initiatives throughout the year to support inclusion of all groups and to ensure that all feel welcome and part of the team!

How does Crowe encourage graduates to take ownership of their career development and growth, and what kind of support is available to help them do so?

On joining, graduates are directly involved in client work and are given direct exposure to clients from an early stage. They are encouraged to run with their tasks and to use their own initiative to get them completed, while also having access to the assistance and mentoring of more experienced colleagues where required. This encourages them to use their initiative while simultaneously having the safety net of being able to call on assistance. Taking a longer-term view, working with many senior colleagues who have themselves progressed through the ranks having joined the firm as graduates signals to them that career progression is very accessible in Crowe and encourages them in that regard.

Can you describe any specific skills or experiences that graduates can gain by joining Crowe, and how these can benefit them in their future careers?

In addition to technical skills in their chosen field of tax/accounting/consulting/corporate finance, graduates will have the opportunity to develop a range of job skills such as learning how to work effectively in teams, build strong relationships with fellow staff and develop client relationships and client management skills. They will also have the opportunity to develop their communication skills, which will be important to them in their professional careers, learning how to effectively impart information to clients and colleagues and to interact successfully with potential clients.

What kind of advice would you give to potential graduates who are considering applying to Crowe Ireland, and what should they expect from the experience of joining our team?

As they approach graduation, I would urge them to consider carefully their next steps and would note that a professional qualification can open up a world of opportunities for them in the long run. If choosing to pursue a professional qualification in the field of tax/accounting I would highlight the benefits of training with Crowe that gives them significant client exposure from an early stage and the opportunity to work with a varied client portfolio. These are all things that Crowe can offer and I would urge them to consider Crowe for the next stage of their professional journey.

How does Crowe encourage a sense of community and collaboration among employees, and what kind of initiatives are in place to foster this environment?

Crowe works in teams comprised of people with differing levels of experience and seniority; team members work closely together and have the opportunity to learn from one another, thereby growing professionally. Away from work, the firm has an active social committee that arranges various events throughout the year and allows staff to bond and socialise together. The firm also operates a Corporate Social Responsibility programme to give back to the community and, if they wish, staff can get involved in that too.

Crowe Ireland offer an annual graduate programme. Speak to us to learn how you can be part of the next graduate intake.