Catherine Rogers provides insight into Crowe's Graduate Programme

Harnessing Potential through Crowe's Graduate Programme

Catherine Rogers, an Associate Director in our Consulting department, sheds Light on the remarkable benefits of Crowe Ireland's graduate programme.

How does Crowe ensure that graduates are supported and prepared for their roles during the graduate programme and beyond?

We provide a range of support for new graduates including general and job-specific inductions. The first couple of weeks with the firm are an opportunity to hear about the work of the different departments and the social activities that happen throughout the year.

How do you personally work with graduates to help them develop their skills and reach their career goals?

I work regularly with the graduates on my team as part of individual projects to help develop their skills, knowledge and experience. I also meet with them regularly to understand any concerns or issues they would like to discuss. These meetings can be an opportunity to work through an issue or discuss an upcoming project and how we plan on approaching it.

What kind of growth and development opportunities are available to graduates, both during the programme and as they move into permanent roles within Crowe ?

There is regular access for graduates to senior members of the team to learn from their experiences. We also run regular in-house training to learn from each other and share expertise across the firm. Graduates are also encouraged to think about areas for further training and development and to discuss these with their manager.

How does Crowe approach diversity and inclusion when it comes to supporting and developing graduates?

Our team comes from a wide range of backgrounds so we can share experiences and promote difference. The firm also supports a wide range of activities to support diversity and inclusion, including events for International Women’s Day.

How does Crowe encourage graduates to take ownership of their career development and growth, and what kind of support is available to help them do so?

We have regular conversations with our graduates and discuss the areas they would like to gain experience in. Our Consulting Team has an array of different projects that allow graduates to get involved from day one. These projects are always supported by senior members of the team so there is always someone to lead, and we encourage all of our team to ask questions and get involved in the development of deliverables.

What kind of advice would you give to potential graduates who are considering applying to Crowe , and what should they expect from the experience of joining our team?

We are always looking for graduates – if you the curiosity to learn about our work and our clients then Crowe is the place for you.

How does Crowe encourage a sense of community and collaboration among employees, and what kind of initiatives or programmes are in place to foster this environment?

Our CSR and Social committees give staff at all grades from across the firm an opportunity to get involved in a range of activities. During our working day there is constant collaboration both within and across teams which help to foster a sense of community and collaboration.

Crowe Ireland offer an annual graduate programme. Speak to us to learn how you can be part of the next graduate intake.