Adam Halpin is interviewed by Crowe Ireland

From aspiring to growth: Adam Halpin explores the unlimited potential of our Graduate Programme

Location: Dublin
Adam Halpin is interviewed by Crowe Ireland

We interviewed Adam Halpin, a trainee at Crowe Ireland, to gain invaluable insight into the unparalleled learning, exponential growth, and professional development opportunities awaiting students who embark on Crowe Ireland's graduate programme.

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you came to apply for our graduate programme?

I went to college in TU Dublin to obtain a bachelor’s in accounting and finance. I applied for the graduate programme after Natasha and another Crowe staff member came to TU Dublin to discuss the graduate programme at Crowe.

What is it about a career at Crowe that appeals to you?

What appeals to me is that you learn each client is different and operates in their own way. Working on live cases on an ongoing basis is a crucial part of your growth at Crowe offers just that - plus you work across several areas on a case instead of dedicating several months only to learn and prepare one section of a case. Another thing that appealed to me is the social aspect that occurs in the office.

Describe a typical day at Crowe.

On a typical day in work, I would be working on an audit of a company or group with an audit junior. I would also help the audit juniors on our team learn new sections of an audit file, show them new testing papers and communicate with clients through emails and phone calls.

What three words would you use to describe your role?

Three words that describe my role are communicative, teamwork and integrity.

What is the most challenging task about your job?

The most challenging task about my job is obtaining information from the client if you are not on-site. 

How did you find working and studying at the same time?

Working and studying at the same time can be tough but it is manageable. There are days where you will not want to open a book or watch a lecture. The main thing is to keep on top of studying and watching lectures. When it comes to the study leave you’re starting off in a good place as it becomes revision rather than learning new areas.

What do you think sets Crowe apart from other companies in our industry?

I think that learning and working across all areas of an audit case instead of on one section is a big factor that separates Crowe from other firms in the industry. The knowledge you pick up from working on a full audit file will benefit you in the exams as you will have experience to support what you are learning.

How would you describe the culture and work environment here at Crowe?

The culture and work environment is transparent as the partners sit out on the floor with their teams and there is open communication lines between all. It is also motivating as everybody wants people to succeed and do well in the job and life.

How has Crowe helped you in your career development?

Crowe has helped me in my career development by supporting my learning on the job and helping with the exams and all college aspects.

What are three words to describe Crowe?

Friendly, accommodating and rewarding.

Crowe’s values are Agility, Curiosity, Affinity and Clarity. What personal values define you?

I believe that integrity, honesty, accountability and dependability are personal values that define me.

How does Crowe's graduate programme prepare you for a permanent role?

When it comes to completing the graduate programme and enrolling in a permanent role, the transition is seamless. You feel confident, knowledgeable and capable to execute your tasks without any concern and you know that you are guided by industry leaders in your portfolio.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering applying for our graduate programme?

My advice would be to apply to Crowe as it is a great place to complete your training contract, you will learn so much and meet some great people along the way.

What kind of support did you receive from the company during the programme, and how has that continued now that you're a permanent member of staff?

There is constant support from within your team, the HR department and other employees that you talk to and this does not change as you become a permanent member of staff.

What did you enjoy most about your time on the graduate programme?

What I enjoyed the most about my time during the graduate programme was the social aspect of the job and the people who I have met along the way and became friends with.

Crowe Ireland offer an annual graduate programme. Speak to us to learn how you can be part of the next graduate intake.