International business services

International Business Services

RSA’s teams bring together qualified professionals, accustomed to working in an international context

  • Mastering different languages, cultures and regulations. To optimise and safeguard your expansion projects in France, it is important to master the new environment in which you hope to grow your business. The language barrier, your dealings with an unfamiliar administrative system, a new and complex regulatory framework, the choice of business structure, recruitment practices… these are all questions that you have to face.
  • Managing a complex and changing social and fiscal environment. To ensure you comply with legal constraints and choose the best fiscal and social options, Rsa is able to provide you with advice based on a high level of skills, the ability to keep competencies and knowledge up to date, and complete mastery of the local regulatory and fiscal environment.
  • Equipping yourself with a flexible and dynamic structure that leaves you free to concentrate on your core business activity and adapt your structure in line with your changing needs is a key factor in success.
Our Service Offer
Our Approach to Projects
Our Service Offer

Security, reactivity, and clarity

Twenty years’ experience in supporting foreign companies has enabled RSA to develop a service offer adapted to meet the specific needs of foreign companies and the subsidiaries of international groups.

Thanks to its global partners Crowe, RSA also accompanies a great many French clients in their expansion projects abroad, taking advantage of high quality, seamless support in more than 120 countries.

  • Assistance in setting up a new business
  • Assistance with accounting and taxes
  • Assistance in preparing annual accounts and tax returns
  • Partial or total outsourcing of accounting and financial functions
  • Financial advice and support in your expansion projects
  • Inspection of accounts
  • Fiscal compliance with French regulations
  • Producing payslips and regulatory follow-up
  • Social security returns
  • Advice on employment law (contracts, legal obligations, recruitment, termination of employment etc.)
  • Full or partial outsourcing

Our team has solid expertise in developing and producing multi-standard reports (IFRS, US and UK GAAP).

We can provide a team with the ability to assist you in seeking funding or in your acquisition projects. This team is a member of Crowe’s European “Corporate Finance Advisory Team” and has complete mastery of working in an international context.

Our Approach to Projects

Expertise, processes, and resources

Our track record in International Business Services assignments has demonstrated that over and above technical skills, the factors in success hinge on a sound understanding of your marketplace, ongoing communication and a dedicated, flexible organisational model.

The solutions we propose are designed to leave you free to focus on your core business activity and development. RSA’s I.B.S. department brings together:

A dedicated, English-speaking team, with solid experience in supporting international companies

  • On hand for an in-depth understanding of your business affairs
  • Proactive in providing advice and alerts
  • Reactive in answering your questions
  • Instructive in supplying the explanations you need in order to fully understand the situation and regulations

Taking charge of all your accounting processes and regulatory obligations, managing your submission deadlines

Guaranteed security and reliability founded on a high level of quality in terms of professional standards (Code of Ethics, professional standards)

An agile, efficient organisation capable of offering you a personalised solution and managing both local and international implications.

  • A single point of contact to facilitate communication
  • An associate who is highly invested in fulfilling the assignment and supervising the team
  • Access to an accounting tool, Web 2.0 (Ibiza software), accessible via our secure website bringing transparency, flexibility, speed and allowing common viewing and sharing of the same information at any time

A partner always on hand 

The breadth of our range of services ensures that we are able to meet your changing needs in line with the expansion of your business. Our experience helps us to identify the appropriate level of support that you will need to understand your new business environment, and to supply the appropriate level of information.