Our engagements and values

Our Engagements and Values

We engage with:

Our Clients
Our Values
Our Co-workers
Our Clients
Engage with our clients

Our objective is

To honour our engagements. Honouring the engagements that we make, especially our engagements in terms of time-scale, quality and budget

To build a relationship of trust. Building a lasting relationship of trust founded on a genuine ability to provide support and advice

To offer you a personalised solution. Maintaining an agile and flexible structure in order to offer our clients personalised solutions adapted to their requirements and their business environment

To develop a collaborative approach. Developing a collaborative approach founded on ongoing communication, deep commitment from the associate and an approach that genuinely promotes skills sharing and transfer

To maintain a high level of expertise. Maintaining a high level of technical expertise and placing our expertise at the service of our clients, to guarantee the accuracy of their financial information and their compliance with legal constraints, and being a source of added value by contributing to the optimisation of their financial performance.

To be a driving force. Being aware of new technologies and regulatory change, so as to adjust our structure and our solutions from day to day in line with emerging needs and to be a driving force

Our Values
Requirement: The RSA Mindset
  • Go the extra mile
  • Give the best of yourself
  • Subscribe to the pursuit of continuous improvement
  • We are rigorous in the quality of our services, the expertise of our co-workers, the reliability of our solutions, the speed of our response, the satisfaction of our clients.
  • An assurance of the total commitment and availability of Rsa’s associates and teams
  • The reliability of a partner who will stand beside you
  • The ability to take ownership of your issues and make your goals our goals
Close Relationships
  • Close relationships with our clients for a better understanding of their organisation and their expectations and as a basis for a relationship of trust
  • Close relationships with our co-workers to better manage their growing competencies and their professional development
  • Close relationships with our partners to share best practices in the interests of our clients
  • The flexibility given by the simplicity of our structure
  • The adaptability of our solutions and our staff, to provide a better response to your needs and your organisation
  • The agility of our ideas, to offer you innovative solutions
Our Co-workers

RSA's goals:

  • To bring together a team of professionals working on a shared mission: client satisfaction
  • To be recognised for our professionalism.

Bring together and train

In a structure on a human scale, such as ours, and in our business activities that combine technical abilities with interpersonal skills, our teams are the practice’s number one asset. Their quality and their professionalism have enabled us to establish ourselves as a credible, high quality partner.

It follows that every member of staff is an essential link in the value chain of the practice.

RSA’s ambition for its staff is fuelled by the same rigour as that imposed by the practice in the interests of its clients. We want to support them in their professional development by providing them with the help, the training and the attention necessary for their advancement.

Each individual is valued for his or her personality, his or her desire to push the boundaries of received wisdom, his or her potential to be a driving force.

Social and environmental responsibility

Committed to a policy of Social and Environmental Responsibility

RSA is fully aware of the environmental, social and societal aspects of development, and is committed to an approach that protects its clients and co-workers, and also future generations.

A number of different initiatives have been launched:

Carrying out a carbon count, as a result of which we have identified the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions: office equipment, transport and energy. A programme of awareness-raising and reducing emissions was subsequently put in place.

Setting up a programme of consultation and reflection involving co-workers, aimed at identifying channels for improvement and making a joint contribution to the development of the practice. This initiative allows everybody to be heard and to be a driving force, and is a factor that brings everyone together.

Making a contribution to Crowe France’s endowment fund, a programme to support young people and train them for our profession.

Supporting charities and choosing suppliers who are committed to sustainable development.

Ecological initiatives

Office supplies

  • Working towards a paperless office
  • Choosing suppliers who are committed to protecting the environment


  •  Promoting train travel and car sharing


  •  Energy-efficient premises
  • “Energy Star” rated equipment

Social initiatives

  • Promoting diversity and the work-life balance
  • Supporting youth employment
  • Supporting charities