Audit services

Audit Services

Guaranteeing the reliability of information and improving the quality of financial communication.

Improving the quality of financial communication

For RSA, financial audits increase the transparency of the accounts and contribute to the credibility and growth of the business, notably through improved risk management. An audit, whether legal or contractual, is a key factor, in our global economy, for establishing confidence in third parties, directors, investors and stakeholders, and safeguarding the reputation of your business.

Enhancing your credibility and your reputation

  • The methodology and the audit quality assurance programme adopted by Rsa assist directors and audit committees in managing their responsibilities in a context of extreme vigilance for financial reporting and corporate governance
  • Our verification processes lead to the presentation of reports and issuing of communications in a timely and apt manner, thus meeting the expectations of regulatory bodies, investors, lenders and other interested parties.

Providing you with an accurate analysis

  • We are able to understand complex financial transactions and to verify the effectiveness of internal controls.
  • We can also advise you on reconciling national accounting practices with international accounting standards.

We develop a recognised audit methodology adapted to the size of the business

This methodology is built on a risk-based approach and is carried out in five phases:

  1. scoping and confirming the project.
  2. pre-planning stage: risk identification and assessment.
  3. planning stage: defining the audit procedures.
  4. conducting the audit.
  5. presenting our work and our reports.

Our approach to projects

Independence of action
We guarantee the reliability and independence of our audits through the training given to our staff, the existence of a dedicated department, solid ethics and independence.
A recognised name
  • Our expertise is recognised by all national and international professional and financial bodies.
  • Our approach conforms to the International Standards on Auditing (ISAs) and is adapted to meet France’s particular requirements (Normes d’Exercice Professionnel). Crowe Global is a member of the Forum of Firms, a committee of the international federation of audit and accountancy organisations (IFAC). We have made a commitment to adhere to all the standards established by this committee relating to audit standards, duty-based ethics and quality control for transnational audits undertaken.
  • RSA’s transparency report sets out our internal audit procedures, in accordance with article R 823-21 of France’s Code of Commerce.
High quality standards that meet the expectations of the financial markets

The satisfaction of our clients is one of the cornerstones of our business culture and is based on a strict quality system guaranteed by:

  • Crowe’s rigorous monitoring programme to ensure its members are in compliance with global quality standards. RSA is periodically audited by the network. This process promotes improvement and knowledge-sharing on the quality of our audit work.
  • An independent review of work done is carried out throughout the audit process.
  • Annual quality control checks on documentation, as a result of which recommendations are issued and an action plan is drawn up in line with our continuous improvement policy.
  • A dedicated, experienced team that is kept constantly updated on regulatory and legislative changes, a policy of recruiting highly trained staff and a pro-active training policy.
  • A policy of significant annual investment in information systems and computerised audit systems.
Close working relationships with highly committed teams
  • We combine the ability to act on an international scale with the personal service culture of a relatively small firm; we believe that our professional expertise will further our clients’ objectives, and that the foundation of successful collaboration is the commitment of our teams.
  • Associates who are actively involved, maintaining ongoing liaison with your teams.
  • The ability to adapt ourselves and our methods to your requirements and to the audit methodology used within your organisation. Our approach is based on flexible processes, appropriate to the risks and the technology and designed to meet client needs.
  • Ongoing, transparent and constructive liaison.
  • Adherence to submission deadlines to avoid surprises and late information.