Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Are you taking the best decision for the future of your business?

  • Where is your business heading?
  • Do you need capital or are you seeking a strategic partner?
  • What is the best action plan to reduce costs and dispose of your least profitable assets?
  • Are you looking to expand or diversify through acquisition?
  • Are you looking to sell your business?

RSA Corporate Finance provides answers and solutions to these questions on a daily basis. Even the most clued-up and experienced directors cannot know all there is to know about making a successful investment, and therefore they need an experienced financial advisor.

A subsidiary of the RSA group and managed by Aymeric Stievenart, RSA Corporate Finance supports the stakeholders and directors of businesses in their expansion and restructuring projects, in France and abroad.

Rsa Corporate Finance is a Financial Investment Advisor (CIF) registered with Orias under number 14003296, Member of CNCIF, accredited by AMF.

Our corporate finance skills include:

Business Finance
Transaction Services
Business Finance
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An extensive range of skills

Our skills cover a wide scope, meaning that we can provide the appropriate support to our clients in every phase of the project:

  • steering business transfer or acquisition projects: from simply researching targets to full support through to signing the contract
  • business transfer and acquisition audits: from a flash audit to an exhaustive in-depth review
  • post-acquisition support, putting in place reporting and monitoring tools
  • strategic and operational advice: financial engineering, developing a business plan, business and assets evaluation, seeking funding.

As members of the RSA group and the Crowe Global network, we are backed by extensive resources and skills to support our clients all the way along the value chain.

Global know-how and an international network

RSA Corporate Finance is a member of “Global Corporate Advisor”, the dedicated Corporate Finance team within the Crowe Global network.

The international experience of our team members in conjunction with our worldwide network enables us to provide a fully tailored response to the needs of our clients both in France and abroad.

Our worldwide teams of business finance professionals are highly experienced and can guide you round the world through the stormy waters of cross-border transactions. Through a precise evaluation of your situation, we can help you to put in place a successful strategy, strengthened by the added value of our sector-specific experts.

For a variety of reasons, many acquisitions fail to live up to expectations.

  • An inappropriate financial structure
  • A poor strategic fit
  • Over-optimistic estimates of potential synergies
  • Inability to identify or quantify recurring revenues and risks
  • Lack of an integration plan

Evaluating a business in another country increases these risks still further

You are faced with another language, a cultural barrier, a different business culture, unfamiliar legal systems and accounting principles where transfer costs and tax are handled differently and where the government can play a significant role. Yet at the same time, international transactions frequently offer the best opportunities for growth:

  • higher yields through savings on a significant scale
  • new markets to target
  • access to raw materials
  • A potential means of guarding against seasonality
Transaction Services

Our team of experts can offer you professional insights into the areas in question, during a diligence process that will be carried out smoothly and efficiently, providing you with useful and pertinent advice as part of a pragmatic operational approach.

With advice from our “Transactions Services” you will be able to base your strategic decisions on actual financial and commercial facts about the target company.

Our skills in implementing successful transactional strategies will enable you to take the investment decision in complete confidence.

  • Pre- and post-acquisition audits
  • Due Diligence (financial, accounting, employment law, taxation)
  • Vendor support “Vendor Assistance”, “Vendor Due Diligence (VDD)”

Evaluations, takeovers, tax issues and strategic decision-making… with our independent expertise to guide you, you are assured of optimal outcomes.

The know-how and experience of our specialists guarantees that your evaluation will be conducted in line with best practice, based on pertinent research and analysis, and fully compliant with the relevant legal requirements.

Our independent expertise over an extensive range of evaluation issues helps businesses and stakeholders to take strategic decisions.

  • Business evaluation
  • Evaluation of intangible assets
  • Asset transfer and merger audits