Consolidation, standards and reports

Consolidation, Standards and Reports

Consolidated reporting should constitute a competitive advantage for the business

In a context of globalisation and competitiveness, effective management of financial communications is a key issue for businesses. The consolidation department, at the heart of all financial communications within the group, takes a leading role in this objective, in the financial steering and in the performance of the business. For more than 10 years, RSA’s Consolidation department has been supporting clients to help them satisfy the expectations of stakeholders, partners and management. RSA can support consolidation and reporting functions in order to:

  • Guarantee the accuracy, the quality and the coherence of an ever-increasing range of information with an ever-decreasing lifespan
  • Improve performance, processes and time-scales by putting in place tools and information systems
  • Adapt to organisational, structural and regulatory change
  • Gain access to the services of highly-skilled technical resources
  • Reinforce controls, particularly those associated with the processes of producing published information and setting responsibility rules

Our Service Offer

Our consolidation department brings together a team of specialists who can support you in optimising production of your consolidated accounts and reporting. We can assist with:
The organisational phases
  • Guiding your choices in setting up or changing the group information system
  • Consolidated audits
    • Meeting increasingly comprehensive and complex regulatory requirements. Our audit is independent and provides you with all the expertise you need to meet these demands. Our teams supply the necessary elements to analyse and understand the key points of the audit. Our approach to the assignment ensures that the audit committee is presented with the most pertinent information and also that good quality financial information is communicated to investors.
  • Assistance in the context of group acquisitions
    • Audits of target groups, or in calculating, for instance, the effect an acquisition will have on your financial information (linked to the calculation of true entry values and cost of acquisition, and also to differences in methods or in frameworks of reference).
  • Assistance in the production of consolidated accounts
    • Ad hoc assistance on specific complex issues (change in scope, preparing cash flow charts, processing deferred tax, simulations and proformas, etc.).
    • Ad hoc provision of experienced consultants, trained in the use of commonly-used software packages, to work within your consolidation department. Change management.
    • Assistance with fast close projects.
    • Improvement in the quality of information produced.
    • Assistance with data collection: data entry, checking and validating financial data from subsidiaries.
    • Management of the Purchase Price Allocation process.
  • Ensuring secure processing
  • Assistance with transition to IFRS standards
    • Financial and organisational assessments
    • Assistance in switching
    • Support during changes to systems
    • Assistance in publishing financial information
  • Advice on industry standards/Setting an accounting benchmark
    • IFRS, US GAAP etc.
    • Financial and organisational assessments
    • Assistance in migration
    • Support during changes to systems
The phases of publishing information
  • Analysis
  • Improvement in the quality of financial returns
  • Optimisation of financial communication according to audience and purpose
  • Training
    • IFRS standards
    • French standards (CRC 99-02)
    • Specific technicalities: Cash flow statements, changes in equity, changes in scope, proof of tax etc. (multi-standard training)
  • Externalisation of consolidated audits

Our Approach to Projects

Our objective is to use our technical expertise and experience on behalf of your organisation, working towards your objectives, so that you can reap the rewards, which include:

Improvement in quality

  • through a dedicated team that combines full competence in consolidation techniques, IFRS and 99/02 with knowledge of tools and information systems, equipped with a high level of training and solid, extensive and varied experience
  • a high level of quality built on compliant, accurate and pertinent information
  • increased productivity and optimised turnaround

A personalised solution

  • more effective financial communication that is better adapted to your audiences and your purposes
  • a ‘toolbox’ approach to build a personalised solution for the client, tailor-made based on a careful definition of your objectives and your needs

Improved skills within your in-house teams

  • a collaborative approach that facilitates the sharing of best practice and the transfer of experience

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