Accounting and taxation services

Accounting and Taxation

For RSA, over and above compliance with legal requirements, the accounting function should be part of an optimisation rationale, and the accounting technique should support the director’s objectives and needs.

The reliability and accessibility of accounting information should allow the director to have an exact picture of the position of his business at any given moment, to be well placed to take effective decisions and to communicate with his financial partners.

Our Accounting and Taxation services

Audits & Consultancy
Our approach to projects
  • You want to focus on your core business activity and hand over the management of your accounts with complete confidence
  • You do not have an accounts department within your company
  • You are just starting up your business and are in need of support

We can assist you in:

Taking charge of your accounts

  • Taking charge of bookkeeping and monitoring accounts (document entry, account analysis, bank reconciliation)
  • Preparing periodic statements and annual accounts

Compliance with fiscal obligations

  • Submitting tax returns
  • Remote transmission
  • In the context of complex and constantly changing regulations, we can advise you on tax optimisation options available to you

Setting up management tools

  • Management charts, comparison against budget, cost accounting, break-even point
  • After deciding together what management data you require in order to monitor your business effectively, we will periodically send you financial summaries
  • Advice and liaison on your behalf in your dealings with the authorities and with your financial partners. Advice on optimising your administrative organisation, the legal status and fiscal status of your company and your own social security arrangements
  • Support in your relationships with your financial partners (banks, accredited organisations etc.) and with the tax authorities

Support for start-up businesses

  • Setting up an administrative structure in advance
  • Choosing a tax option
  • Scheduling payments and tax returns
International business services

Support for foreign companies

Learn more about our International Business Services professionals who are accustomed to working in an international context, and who can be of real assistance to your own teams on specific local factors and regulatory obligations in terms of accounting and tax.
Audits & Consultancy
  • Creating quarterly reports and preparing consolidated financial returns in compliance with IFRS standards.
  • Annual inspections of accounts, reviewing the work of the accounts department, resolving tax issues (‘Taxe Professionnelle’/business taxes, tax consolidation etc.)Supporting the managers of accounts and finance departments

RSA, your business partner and dedicated business consultant, gives you access to its teams of experts, specialised in every aspect of preparing annual accounts.

We can provide services on either an ad hoc or an ongoing basis, to suit your company and your needs.

Over and above the preparation of annual accounts, we can support you on more specific consultancy assignments on management, organisation or taxation, annual or multi-annual inspection of accounts.

  • Preparing mid-year statements
  • Compiling inspection records and submitting them to your auditors
  • Preparing annual financial statements (or consolidated financial statements and annual accounts)
  • Speeding up the time-scales for the production of financial information
  • Preparing a budget, forecasts
  • Calculating break-even point
  • Setting up a management chart
  • Preparing management files
  • Preparing or checking all the documents submitted as part of the company’s tax return
  • Minimising the tax burden
  • Setting up or monitoring tax reconciliation
  • Assisting in the event of checks by the tax authorities.
Our approach to projects

Producing good quality information

  • Ensuring the reliability and security of financial and accounting information
  • Adapting to regulatory changes
  • Reducing the time-scale for producing and accessing information

Contributing to business efficiency

  • Producing relevant information for the management teams of all divisions of the company
  • Ensuring that information production and reporting systems keep pace with organisational or strategic change within the business

High quality teams and a flexible structure placed at your service

  • A team of professionals selected via a rigorous recruitment process and benefiting from ongoing training, fully skilled in accounting techniques
  • A collaborative approach founded on committed teams with a mix of strong technical and interpersonal skills
  • A flexible, adaptable and pragmatic approach to assignments to enable us to offer solutions that are tailored to your business environment and can evolve in line with your needs.