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Accounting & Tax

The world is a village: embedded in our service offering as a member of Crowe Global, our Accounting & Tax services are deeply focused on services provided to French subsidiaries of foreign groups. All our staff speaks English and we help foreign groups understand and comply with the French regulatory landscape.
We favor the automation of all the Accounting Department tasks and support companies in the upgrading of their IT systems. This also includes improving the implementation of data originated from group level IT systems directly into French filings, for example.
We develop a variety of services tailored to foreign groups from full Business Process Outsourcing to setting up internal control procedures, financial reporting into a variety of international accounting standards, reorganization and optimization of internal accounting services.

Our range of services

  • Implementation, reorganization of the accounting function
  • Implementation, improvement of administrative and accounting procedures
  • Maintaining and reviewing the accounting records
Management & Reporting
  • Management control, KPIs, costing, break-even
  • Implementation of cost accounting, reporting, cash flow forecasting
  • Financial engineering
  • Implementation of consolidation procedures, automation of information feedback processes
  • Outsourcing of full consolidation or with appropriate sharing methods
  • Consolidation under FR GAAP, and IFRS
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Tax optimization and advice
  • Tax compliance check
  • Tax due diligence
Foreign desk
  • Full Business Process Outsourcing
  • Administrative Back office management
  • Domiciliation
  • Periodic accounting checks and reporting
  • Periodic tax checks and report and reporting (current & deferred taxes)
  • International coordination with foreign parent companies

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