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Sustainability services

Crowe HAF is a committed player in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility, mostly through two specialized subsidiaries, set up in joint venture with highly specialized experts. These are Sustainable Metrics on the one hand and Praxiam on the other.

Sustainable Metrics

Sustainable Metrics, a CSR and SD consulting and research agency

At the crossroads of carbon monitoring, CSR expertise and accounting, the founders of Sustainable Metrics created the company in 2014 with the strong belief that the link between social and environmental performance and economic performance was a subject in its own right for all companies and that accountants could bring a great contribution to this field. Based on the experience and pragmatic approach of its founders, Sustainable Metrics, led by Jean-Baptiste Cottenceau, is a consulting and research firm that provides operational support to companies and local authorities in their sustainable development strategy and in the monitoring of their non-financial performance indicators.

The range of services of Sustainable metrics

CSR Materiality Analysis and action plan
We support you in defining your priority CSR issues through studies and audits. In particular, we help you create your materiality matrix and define your sustainable development and CSR strategy, as well as structure your indicators and have your CSR objectives validated. Based on this diagnosis and definition of objectives, we help you build your action plan.
Improve your system of indicators
We help you develop your indicators to measure meaningful progress, and to give credibility and reliability to the information you communicate about your CSR approach.
Advice on the implementation of your action plan
We support companies and public organisations in the implementation of a sustainable development and CSR action plan. Depending on your level of CSR progress, we help you comply with existing regulations and/or go beyond these regulations.
Monitoring your CSR performance
We support you in the implementation of integrated CSR reporting. We are convinced that these reports are real tools for monitoring the overall performance of organizations.
Communication on your sustainable performance
We support you in your communication with non-financial rating agencies and labels and stakeholders (CSR report, dialogue with stakeholders).
Carbon footprint

We propose that you give meaning to your greenhouse gas balance while respecting your regulatory obligations

Due Diligence for private equity investment funds
We also support shareholders in order to carry out company diagnostics on their CSR risks and performance.
Training and awareness
We work in universities, conferences and in the field to train and raise awareness among entrepreneurs and citizens of today and tomorrow about the challenges of sustainable development and to provide appropriate methods for adapting to change.


Praxiam, a firm specialising in audit and internal control for eco-organisations

For nearly 10 years, Praxiam has developed specific expertise in the field of “Eco-Organisations” such as CITEO, the leading player in this field in France . We provide high value added services to these organizations, mostly in two key aspects of their operating model : internal control (administrative policies, and change, risk management, corporate governance, ethics and fraud issues) and the audit of their members financial contribution filings.

Praxiam operates exclusively on behalf of these organisations and all the players in this niche market, with such recognised expertise that it has participated in the design and regulation of new eco-organisations to regulate new industrial sectors in terms of sustainable treatment of logistics chains.

Praxiam's range of services in change management

Change management often requires the use of external experts, particularly for administrative and accounting processes.

Drawing their strength from their multidisciplinary skills, Praxiam has had the opportunity to support clients in the following areas:

  • Improvement and "re-engineering" of management processes and work procedures
  • Evaluation and implementation of ERP solutions
  • Creation of performance indicators  and  management  tools
  • Audit of finance functions (management control and/or accounting)
  • Cost price and standard cost (calculation and monitoring of margins)
  • Control and efficiency of the group financial reporting process
  • Knowledge transfer

Contact us

Jean-Baptiste Cottenceau
Director Sustainable Metrics
Marc de Poulpiquet
Director Praxiam