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Deals Febuary 2022 - 0
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Crowe HAF / Chance

Chance is a career guidance dedicated platform which helps participants through personalized coaching programs including coaching hours and self-coaching and powered by artificial intelligence algorithms.

Chance accompanied 5,000 people since 2020. With its c. 50 employees working on the improvement and deployment of its product, the company has also focused on accelerating the professional mobility of people whose project has been certified by the platform.

To carry out these projects, the company is expected to recruit 100 employees by the end of the year.
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Crowe HAF / VT Logistics

Founded in 2006 by Julien Toscano and Sébastien Vens, VT Logistics specializes in "first-mile" road goods transportation by identifying the carriers capable of offering the best conditions (speed, quality of execution, price).

With a network of 20 agencies in France and relying on approximately 12,000 carriers, the teams carried out more than 60,000 transports in 2021 on behalf of 1,100 customers in all sectors. Thanks to its mastery of the transportation business and data, the company has doubled its size in two years to achieve more than €30 million in revenues in 2021.