April 22 - 00

Deals - April 2022

April 22 - 00
April 22 - 1

Crowe HAF / Groupe Mathis

Based in the Bas-Rhin region of France, Mathis Group is a historic player in the field of wood construction in France with sales reaching €45 million and a headcount of 200 employees. The Group is particularly renowned for its expertise in complex structures and large wooden buildings, with several major projects such as the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris and the Aquatic Center for the 2024 Olympic Games in Saint-Denis (Paris Area).

Mathis' ambition is to accelerate its development plan in order to promote the use of wood and especially local wood in its projects.

April 22 - 2

Crowe HAF / Techlife Capital

MITEM PHARMA is a new-generation pharmaceutical laboratory dedicated to MITMs (Drugs of Major Therapeutic Interest), which are essential drugs for severe diseases, a public health risk.

The funds provided by TECHLIFE CAPITAL, initially €10 million, which may be increased to €30 million, will enable the company to scale up and accelerate its growth in its preferred therapeutic areas, notably endocrinology, the central nervous system and emergency cardiology. This growth will be achieved through the development of new drugs and targeted acquisitions.

April 22 - 3

Crowe HAF / Nannybag

Founded in 2016, Nannybag is a collaborative network of luggage lockers allowing travelers worldwide to store their luggage before a check-in, after a check-out, or during a transit between two transports, at partner shops, restaurants and hotels.

The acquisition of 49% stake by Pickup, a network of relays belonging to the La Poste group, is a major turning point for the company, which will thus be able to offer travelers the possibility of storing their luggage in a larger number of relays around the world. This is a meaningful union for the two entities, which have complementary expertise and share a common vision of local services. Their shared ambition is to soon offer Nannybag luggage services in 3,000 Pickup relays in France, then in Europe.