Tax prepayments

Due date for 2018 corporate tax prepayments is December 20!

Marc Verbeek
Tax prepayments
Corporate tax prepayments

As you probably know, in the context of the corporate tax reform a number of changes have been made to the system of advance tax payments which apply as from tax year 2019 for financial years starting from 1 January 2018.

Not only was the minimum percentage of the increase raised from 2.25% to 6.75%, but also the de minimis rules were abolished (no increase due if it is less than 0.5% of the tax on which it is calculated or EUR 50).

In practice, this means that, on a taxable basis, an increase will always apply.

There has been no change as to the dates on which the advance tax payments must be made. These are still 10 April, 10 July, 10 October and 20 December 2018 (for financial years per calendar year).

With an increase rate of 6.75%, the benefits associated with advance payments are 9%, 7.5%, 6% and 4.5%.

Start-up SME companies (art 15 Company code) remain exempt during the first 3 accounting years.

Do not let pass the last chance to make an advance tax payment for this tax year and take the necessary action before 20 December 2018.

If you want our assistance in calculating the advance payments or have other questions about this, do not hesitate to contact us.