Human Resources 

We offer our customers the opportunity to get fresh prespectives, thinking differently, develop brand new alternatives that add value. 

Human Resources

One of the most important business decisions you would make is the hiring decision you make for your business. As the correct talent is essential to achievement, human resources management is one of organization's main components and a strategic role. Our team of experts is committed to understand your requirements and to find the correct balance between the position and the person.

Our company with professional human resources specialists offer you following services:

  • Preparation of employment contracts
  • Conclusion of employment contracts and electronic registration of their termination
  • Order of salary cards
  • Order of a certificate of social insurance
  • Reporting changes to compulsory insurance
  • Execution of personnel documents

Writing applications

  • Recruitment
  • Discharge
  • Vacation
  • Award
  • Compensation
  • Non working day
  • Business trip
  • Position Change

Writing Orders

  • Salary calculation and sending for payment
  • Calculation of vacation fees and send paying off
  • Submission of final invoice for payment
  • Submission of compensation for payment

Preparation of tables

  • Accounting of vocation
  • Accounting of orders
  • Accounting of employment contracts
  • Accounting of employment work book
  • Preparation of additional agreements to the contract
  • Recording of employee data in 1C
  • Writing of references
  • Issuance of employment report