Hotel, Torism and Leisure

Hotel, Tourism and Leisure

As specialist consultants on hotels, tourism and
leisure projects, we provide unbiased specialist advice at all phases of the life cycle.


Hotel, Tourism and Leisure

We can conduct an independent review of the financial position and the structure of the funding, management structure, quality systems, sales strategy and market analysis of a hostel or tourism company.

Planning and Development

The preparation process for hotel, tourism and recreation projects is based on market research and analytical capacities. By completely understanding market features and trends, we can identify possibilities for growth and make suggestions to maximize project results.

Asset Management
We can provide asset management, transactional analysis and estate turnaround guidance to owners and funders. Our team evaluates the complete range of strategic opportunities to guarantee the best possible placement for each asset, in order to achieve maximum cash flow and investment returns.
Acquisitions and disposal

Completing procurement and disposals successfully benefits from careful planning and execution led by experienced experts. We offer a variety of advice including business and financial due diligence, structuring transactions, financing and other transaction support services.

Financial Restructuring

The implementation of economic reorganization transactions to maximize profits for all stakeholders is particularly efficient for our specialized advisors. Valuation, debt renegotiation, management adjustments, sale and repositioning sales asset grooming assessment and execution may include restructuring operations.

Hotel, Tourism and Leisure

We work with individual tourism businesses and networks to develop and implement projects and marketing plans. These projects cover marketing plans and digital marketing actions which are included in a tactical plan.

Crowe Global includes Horwath HTL subnet which is the world's largest consulting organization specializing in the hospitality industry, with 50 offices in 39 countries.

Since 1915 Horwath HTL has maintained its status as the world's number one hospitality consulting organization.  Horwath HTL is the industry's choice for expert professional service throughout the world. 
Through involvement in thousands of projects the years, Horwath HTL has amassed extensive, in-depth knowledge and expertise regarding the needs of hotels, real estate companies and financial institutions. 

Horwath HTL is recognized for its comprehensive, analytic and innovative approach to serving clients, whether they are local, regional or global.

Horwath HTL's areas of specialty are:

  • Hotel Asset Management
  • Hotel Planning & development
  • Tourism & Leisure Services
  • Hotel Valuation
  • Strategic Advice.
Feasibility Studies

One significant first step is a feasibility study in analyzing the suitability of a hotel company place. We will include a full supply and demand analysis and an assessment of the suitability of the location for a hospitality business.  For a period of up to ten years, we will plan operating revenues and costs for the hotel and give suggestions on equipment, branding and strategies.


We work with individual tourism businesses and tourism marketing groups to develop and implement marketing plans. These plans cover marketing and digital marketing actions which are included in a tactical plan.


We run training programs for our customers through a variety of management and middle-management business and economic modules. We also give coaching services that help entrepreneurs and executives face company possibilities and difficulties.