We have a depth understanding of the retail marketplace, which covers global products and retail organizations, associations and individual owners.



In order to delivers benefits and to help you position yourself to future growth, our services are delivered with a longer-term business strategy.

Our customers understand that they can trust on us to provide practical and regarded guidance on any aspect of retail and consumer brand finance and tax as we are supported by our global network of "ABAK-Az Crowe Ltd" partners.

Fundamental knowledge for retail businesses:

  • Brand management
  • Licensing & royalty arrangements
  • Cost segregation analysis
  • Location development      
  • Mergers & acquisitions
Integration planning

Crowe can assist corporations in achieving the complete value of their business:

  • Value optimization planning
  • Functional area transition planning
  • Integration blueprinting
  • People and culture transition planning
M&A strategy

Our pre-acquisition services are used to assist businesses correct and model the company rationale and calibrate their alignment with the business strategy.

  • Deal tax structuring
  • İnvestment thesis
  • Global M&A playbook
Due diligence

Our extensive due diligence services provide insight into the values that guide our M&A bargain – the factors that shape the quality desired.

  • Financial diligence
  • Human Capital diligence
  • Operational diligence
  • Tax diligence
  • IT diligence

Our valuation services can assist businesses know where and how the value of a customer in the transaction can increase.

  • Financial reporting valuation
  • Intellectual property value maximization
  • Pre-transaction accretion analysis
Post-close execution
Our integration experts can assist with the completion of the transaction:
  • Operational stabilization, including protecting key customer relationships
  • Accelerated synergy capture
  • Dispute resolution
Incremental optimization

Crowe can assist businesses evaluate the ROI of fresh inclusion possibilities, helping them assign resources and leadership concentrate to the greatest prospective value fields.

  • Tax strategies
  • Performance improvement
  • IT system road map
Capability upgrade

Crowe consults its customers to enhance their future M&A performance. In order to reduce inefficiencies, phases of job and priorities, and to prevent "reinventing the wheel", this is accomplished by integrating lessons from previous classes into M&A playbooks.

  • M&A capability training
  • M&A playbook enhancements

What can we do for you?

1. Analysis of recommendations and weaknesses
2. Analysis of controls and costing system
3. Support to achieve financing, forecasts and estimates
4. Financial help for mergers and acquisitions
5. Tax planning of succession