Government and Public

Government and Public sector

Crowe offers a full range of services that can help
your public sector organization meet its strategic goals.

Government and Public sector

ABAK-Az Crowe LTD provides a complete variety of services to assist your organization in the public sector to achieve its strategic objectives. Our team comprises executives and service experts. Their in-depth understanding of public service provision provides ABAK-Az Crowe LTD a distinctive opportunity to speed up your return on investment and to improve operation lastingly. The capacities and perspectives we provide assist you to enhance government access to services and increase transparency and accountability.

Crowe provides a wide variety of services, including strategic objectives for your public sector organization:

  • Services of tax advisory
  • Financial analysis and audit
  • Internal audit / risk consulting
  • Improvement of operational performance
  • Capital planning and financial advisory
  • Review and assessment of policies
  • Service effectiveness and quality reviews
  • Information systems/technology consulting
  • Organizational and governance review and analysis
  • Merge and acquisition