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TAX Regulatory Update

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Regulatory update

The Andorran legal system, in matters of taxation, is object to constant amendment with the purpose of adjusting its rules to the new circumstances and situations existing in the Andorran society.

To this effect, the summary of the most relevant content is:

  • Regulation on the taxation regime of corporate restructurings: Development of the content of the different information obligations appliccable to the operations of corporate restructurings foreseen in the Law 17/2017 on the Special Fiscal Regime.

  • Amendment of the CIT Regulation: Obligation to submit additional information related to the exemption provided for in Article 20 of the Corporate Income Tax Law, which would apply to dividends and income derived from the transmission of shares.

  • Amendment of the Property Tax Regulation: Submit by 31 March of each  year in relation with the corresponding situation as of December 31 of the precedent fiscal year.

  • Automatic tax information exchange: Deadlines for the revision ans communication of the financial information which is object of authomatic exchange, and formal obligations.

  • Tax Administration Doctrine: Analysis of the biding consultation related to the implications that could arise from the donation of the bare owner of several elements affected to an economic activity from the point of view of the VAT.