It is really important to understand exactly what you have, and how that asset can be used to support you in reaching your goals. 

Taking simple steps, using tried and tested planning techniques, will help you to make best use of your hard earned wealth.

Most prospective clients will come to us with a specific problem relating to a pension or investment, without necessarily understanding what they have, where their monies are invested, how they are taxed and, most importantly, the role they play within their financial plan. Whether you have cash reserves, investment property, ISAs, pension funds or investment funds (or a combination of these), each asset has differing levels of risk and can be taxed differently.

Ultimately, they will each have a role to play and are interlinked when it comes to devising your plan.

Taking time to understand what your priorities are, and what you are seeking to achieve, are pivotal when it comes to devising the strategy for your planning. For most people we meet the main focus is on paying down mortgage debt and ensuring that they have sufficient assets from which an income can be generated which would meet their desired standard of living when they come to retire.

Understanding what you are seeking to achieve is important as it provides a focal point around which we can structure your plan. However, building in flexibility and reviewing your planning regularly is the key to success, so that you can adapt your planning to meet any changes in your personal circumstances, economic conditions and tax rates.

Your financial planner works for and alongside you in helping to make smart decisions that will deliver lasting value, giving you the best chance of achieving a good outcome that enables you to achieve your objectives.

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Julian Hanrahan, Financial Planning Director talks through what you need to know to help you ask the right questions to decide on the right financial advisor for you.


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