Business Advisory

Business Advisory Services

Your demands are satisfied with the most accurate and efficient manner with our business advisory services.    
Business Advisory
Kavram Business Advisory Services

Business Advisory Services 

Your demands are satisfied with the most accurate and efficient manner with our business advisory services.






1. Valuation for the purpose of acquisition, merger, split and buy-out
2. Determination of the value of companies 
3. Determination of the value of shares
4. Determination of the value of brands, trademarks, licenses


Services for Foreign Companies

  1. Establishment of foreign companies 
  2. Preparation of articles of association 
  3. Tax planning 
  4. Review of the documents, accounting records and statutory books in accordance with the Turkish tax system  
  5. Review of the financial statements and accounting records to determine whether they are in compliance with the Turkish accounting system  
  6. Incentives, allowances and exemptions provided to foreigners 
  7. Review of capital adequacy 
  8. Review of double taxation treaties signed between Turkey and other countries 
  9. Review of tax statements and declarations to be submitted in Turkey 
  10. Studies relates with tax disputes and tax suits and following the judicial process
  11. Value Added Tax refund and offsetting processes
  12. Review of transfer pricing transactions 
  13. Report in accordance with the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  14. Preparation of special financial reports for headquarters abroad or third parties 
  15. Preparation of financial statements in foreign currencies 
  16. Assist the detection of authorized officer of the company to be employed in Turkey 
  17. Review of the processes, settlement of internal controls and monitoring 

Financial Due Diligence

  1. Profitability analysis, asset quality, liabilities, financial balances and cash flows of the target company  
  2. Assessment of the accounting polices implemented 
  3. Conversion of financial statements to international reporting standards 
  4. Analysis of unrecognized liabilities and off-balance sheet transactions  

Design and Development of Financial Statements and Infrastructure System in Compliance with the International Financial Reporting System (IFRS)    

  1. Mapping and adapting the chart of accounts to IFRS standards 
  2. Implementation of International Fınancial Reporting Standards 
  3. Preparation of financial statements stated in foreign currency

Advisory Services for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises 

  1. Design and development of an accounting system in compliance with International Accounting Standards   
  2. Design and development of risk management system 
  3. Provision of help and assistance to SMEs to benefit from incentives 
  4. Provision of help, assistance and support to SMEs to enable them to have their shares traded on the Emerging Companies Market 


  1. Institutionalization in family-owned companies, SMEs and large-sized companies   
  2. Family constitution 
  3. Effective functioning of board of directors / executive boards  
  4. Corporate coaching 


  1. Financial position analysis 
  2. Review of financial estimates and business opportunities 
  3. Reviewing and restructuring  
  4. Improving reporting techniques 
  5. Monitoring implementation results and preparation of a suggestion report 

Procedures and Transactions for Companies 

  1. Establishment of joint stock companies and limited liability companies 
  2. Conduct of merger, buy-out, acquisition, split and liquidation procedures and transactions  
  3. Capital increases / Capital decreases  
  4. General Assembly 
  5. Share Transfers 
  6. Issuing the shares of the company 

Internal Control / Internal Audit 

  1. Design and development of internal control system 
  2. Assessment of internal control system  
  3. Fraud audit 
  4. Restructuring / Preparation of manuals for the organization   
  5. Description of duties, authorities and responsibilities  
  6. Improving reporting techniques 
  7. Monitoring implementation results and preparation of a suggestion report 

Management Consulting and Business Advisory 

  1. Process development 
  2. Quality assurance audit 
  3. Early detection of risks and risk management 

Consultancy Services

  1. Advisory for the Board of Directors 
  2. Consultancy for Annual Reports
  3. Legal advisory 
  4. Turkish Commercial Code Consultancy 
  5. Initial Public Offering Consultancy 
  6. Listing on the Stock Exchange / Public Offering 
  7. Current and forthcoming incentives
  8. Selection of executives and managers 
  9. Special reporting for management and third parties 

Seminars and conferences 

  1. Changes introduced by Turkish Commercial Code and related responsibilites
  2. Incentives and allowances 
  3. IFRS Training 
  4. Institutionalization 
  5. Changes in the tax legislation 
  6. Profit Distribution Through Transfer Pricing / Thin Capitalization 
  7. End of period transactions