crowe webinar

Navigating the new UAE Corporate Tax

Slovakia: Online
Start date:

6/13/2023 11:00 AM

End date:

6/13/2023 11:45 AM

crowe webinar
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Join us for a webinar on the new corporate tax in the United Arab Emirates. The basic tax rate has recently been changed to 9%, making it one of the most competitive tax rates worldwide.

Join the webinar to learn more about the new corporate tax and its impact on residents and non-residents businesses. The webinar is addressed to business entities already present at the UAE’s market and the ones planning to enter it. Crowe experts will discuss the structure of UAE tax law, focusing on corporate tax. A representative from Legnano Teknoelectric Co, a world leader in the production of high performance cores and laminates for transformers and reactors, will be our special guest, who will share the implications of the new tax regime from the perspective of a company that has production facilities in Italy and the UAE.


Who is the webinar addressed to?

  • Companies operating in the UAE market
  • Companies with branches in the UAE
  • Companies with representation in the UAE
  • Companies planning to enter the UAE market

New corporate tax in the United Arab Emirates - webinar agenda:

  1. The impact of corporate income tax on permanent establishment and free zone companies
  2. Mergers and Acquisitions: key issues
  3. Client viewpoint: LTC Group - planning for corporate tax in the UAE for companies headquartered in Italy or the EU
  4. Planning for corporate tax in the UAE for companies headquartered in Ukraine, or other non-EU countries
  5. Q&A


  • Rakesh Nair, Director, Corporate Tax, Crowe UAE
  • Filipa Correira, Crowe Valente
  • Vitaliy Smerdov and Koniul Hasanova, Crowe Mikhailenko