Tönnerviks Horwath Revision AB

Auditors with broad qualifications. Consultants for quick contributions.

Horwath has served in Växjö in more than 50 years (previously as L. Engstrom Revisionsbyrå). Today we have about twenty employees in Växjö, three of whom are certified public accountants and an approved public accountant. All our auditors have more than 15 years experience in the profession. Since 1990 we have been in Älmhult, where we now are four full-time employees, one of which is approved public accountant. Globally we are members of Crowe Horwath International.

Our clients are traditionally mainly family businesses, entrepreneurs and owner-managed companies in most industries. By many years of working with these entrepreneurs, with a strong desire to realize and develop their ideas, we have learned that our services must be performed effectively and purposefully.

From the beginning, when you come in contact with Tönnervik Horwath, you get a contact person who has overall responsibility to ensure you feel welcome, and that the services are performed in the best way.

Competence, professionalism, dedication and high standards of service are cornerstones of our way of working. Our clients should feel that they have great benefit of us and that it pays to hire us. Our main field of expertise are accounting and auditing, but we also provide services in: 


  • Qualified tax
  • Financial planning and control
  • Business valuation
  • Generational changes
  • Due diligence
  • Close company issues etc.


Tönnervik Horwath Audit is known as active and engaged consultants and are actively involved in several industry-specific projects to increase profitability. As an example, Tönnervik Horwath Audit in cooperation with ASE conducts projects in profitability management for numerous car brands.


Confidence is a feeling. Choose your auditor accordingly.

Choosing an economic advisor and an auditor is a decision that will have long-term consequences for your company. Good cooperation with a partner that possesses broad qualifications, as well as an ability to discuss and analyze, is an important part of a company’s competitive edge. The right partner also lends added security to your private finances.

Our ambition is to develop and nurture each client assignment, regardless of the size or type, into a truly outstanding cooperation. You will be assigned one personal contact person and will be treated individually and specially, not shuffled around from one staff member to another. This secures a close relationship to you as a customer and also that our services are carried out in the best of ways.



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