Audit services are essential to establishing credibility and building a solid reputation.  Companies that successfully address audit issues improve the quality of their financial reporting and stand to gain credibility internationally with leading sources of capital.


Given the importance of audit services, many senior executives and audit committees look to Crowe Horwath International member firms for efficient procedures, the value of their work, and personal service. Your organization stands to gain in multiple areas - reputation, insight, service, and cost - by finding experienced auditors who truly value your business.


 "Auditing is to critically examine, judge and issue statements on a company's accounting and management".


The purpose of an independent audit of a company's activities is to provide a firm credibility to its external stakeholders such as customers, creditors, investors, suppliers and authorities, as well as stakeholders within the company, and to create a confidence in their accounting.

Usefulness of the audit is best when the audit also provides good advice. "Our vision is to contribute to a well-functioning business in a way that inspires confidence".


International As members of the Crowe Horwath International, we can offer our customers professional help with both international accounting and tax issues as well as issues related to establishment abroad