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Tax Advisory Services

These services encompass a number of areas which include the following:

  • Corporate tax planning
  • The structure of business operations operating through groups or divisions.
  • Corporate and group reorganizations.
  • Optimizing the use of available relief and allowances.
  • Planning dividend policy.
  • Executive remuneration.
  • Tax treatment of fringe benefits.
  • Planning of overseas assignments.
  • Preparation of retirement plans.
  • International tax planning.
  • International group structures.
  • Profit repatriation planning by use of dividends or royalties.
  • Minimizing the incidence of double taxation.
  • Advice on tax aspects of foreign currency fluctuations
  • Advice on double tax treaties and their effects.
  • Advice on tax systems in other countries.
  • Advice on tax structuring of corporate acquisitions overseas.
  • World tax reviews and utilization of losses.

  • Personnel tax planning, including:
  • Structuring personal business operations.
  • Planning for business start-up e.g. partnership and other companies.