Every day – somewhere in the world – tax regulations, rules, and treaties change. Strategies that reduced taxes yesterday may not work today. New opportunities to save money could be missed – especially as you enter new markets. The talented tax staff in your organization might not have time to keep up with each nuance. Your current tax advisor may think your company is too small for personal attention – or your advisor may be too small to serve you.

Successful companies consider tax implications before they make business decisions, so they do not pay more than their legal obligation. This makes international tax compliance, consulting, and structuring a crucial element in your global strategy.


Taxation in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Primarily consists of:

  1. Direct taxes
    a. Income Tax
    b. Zakat
    c. Withholding tax
  2. Indirect Tax
    a. Value Added Tax (VAT)
    b. Excise Tax
    c.Customs Duty

How can Crowe Help?


Crowe Global member firms have a proven three-step tax process to help their clients make more tax-savvy decisions throughout the year:

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International Tax value proposition
We provide a wide range of tax services to companies, partnerships, individuals and trusts: locally and internationally.
These are available not only to clients who use our auditing and accounting services, but to any business enterprise or individual requiring special tax advice. 

Our international service teams are committed to delivering value to multinational clients doing business across borders through: 
International Tax value proposition

A highly-integrated, global tax practice operating under common high-quality standards; across borders; anywhere in the world.

One contact person to lead the global process.

Impeccable service delivery.

Frequent access to senior tax executives.

Competitive price.

A long-term relationship with professionals around the world committed to client success.

Tax advisory and planning according to the development/change of the business.

International Tax value proposition

The services provided fall broadly under two headings:

Tax Compliance Services
Tax Advisory Services
Value Added Tax (VAT)
Tax Compliance Services
This would involve assisting clients in meeting their tax compliance obligations.
Tax Advisory Services
These services encompass a number of areas which include the following
Value Added Tax (VAT)